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ChromasPro is suitable for DNA sequence assembly projects up to a few megabases, and basic sequence editing and analysis. It is able to assemble data from Sanger sequencers such as ABI, and 454 and Illumina next-generation sequencers, with up to 1,000,000 sequences if 8 Gb RAM is available. ChromasPro has the following features:

  • Open sequences in Applied Biosystems .ab1, Staden Chromatogram (SCF and ZTR), 454 SFF, FASTA, FASTQ, EMBL, GenBank, SwissProt, GenPept, GCG RSF and plain text formats.
  • Save sequences in .ab1, .scf, .fasta and .fastq formats.
  • Assemble overlapping sequences using a graphical interface, generate a consensus and highlight ambiguities for editing.
  • Use quality data to automatically remove low quality sequence for improved sequence assembly.
  • Use a reference sequence as a scaffold for assembly.
  • Generate restriction site and fragment maps, and list cutters, non-cutters and fragments.
  • Map open reading frames, aided by a G+C frame plot, and translate ORFs with one click.
  • Print chromatograms, restriction site and fragment maps, and open reading frame maps.
  • Perform nucleotide and protein BLAST searches through the NCBI web site.
  • Perform multiple alignments by interfacing with ClustalW.
  • Reverse & complement sequences and chromatograms.
  • Search for sequences by exact matching or optimal alignment.
  • Display translations when editing nucleotide sequences.
  • Perform reverse translations and plot nucleotide degeneracy.
  • Plot hydrophilicity and antigenicity of proteins.
  • Copy an image of a chromatogram section for pasting into documents or presentations.

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Compatible with Windows 7sp1, 8, 10, 11.
Your free trial lasts for 14 days. Please see the purchase page for licensing.
Upgrade from earlier versions is free for licensed users.

Please note: ChromasPro 2 will install separately from versions older than 1.9.9. It is recommended that you uninstall any old version present. See the version history for changes to recent versions.