Purchase ChromasPro


Prices for ChromasPro licenses are:

USD 499.00 for 1 license
USD 449.00 each for 2 to 9 licenses
USD 399.00 each for 10 to 49 licenses
USD 379.00 each for 50 or more

The price has increased for the first time since ChromasPro was released in 2004, and reflects improvements in version 2.

Licenses for ChromasPro can be purchased at MyCommerce share-it:

ChromasPro Order Page

For more information about share-it please see their customer care center.

ChromasPro can also be ordered via a purchase order. Please see the purchase order page for details.

With a single user license, you have the option of creating a single installation of the software possibly used by one or more persons, or creating multiple installations of the software used exclusively by a single person.

Owners of multiple licenses may make the software available to more than the licensed number of users, provided that the number of users never exceeds the number of licenses at any one time. Please see the license agreement.